The Chocolate Angel 

By Myles Schrag

Illustrated by Stephanie Herrera

ISBN-13: 978-1-63177-595-6

PRICE: $14.95

GENRE: Children's  


"Give with a smile and give from your heart, and your gift will keep giving even when you're apart."

Mat dearly loves his grandpa who teaches him early on to give from the heart. When the time comes to put that lesson into practice, Mat discovers what it really means. 

The Kansas Relays: Track and Field Tradition in the Heartland

By Joe D. Schrag

Foreword by Scott Huffman

ISBN-13: 978-0-9915086-0-0

ISBN-10: 0-9915086-0-2

PRICE: $34.95



Nearly a century of track in the heartland. 

This "Notable Book", awarded by the State Library of Kansas, is the first to chronicle the rich history of this classic track carnival. The author has seen the meet up close for more than 60 years. In 17 full-color chapters and with more than 250 historical photographs, The Kansas Relays is a collection of compelling stories both familiar and unknown, and even includes a list of Olympians who have competed at the meet. 

Having a well-researched and written book on the history of the Kansas Relays is long overdue. Thank you, Joe, for your labor of love in publishing this masterpiece.”
Jim Ryun, first sub-4:00 high school miler, 3-time Olympian, KU Alumnus, former U.S. Representative
“When I grew up in Kansas I attended the Relays many times. It is about time that someone wrote a book about the Relays and all its history. What better person than Joe Schrag, who has probably been there longer than anyone?” 
Bob Anderson, founder of Runner's World magazine and the Double Road Race
“For so many, the Kansas Relays was their first introduction to a university campus, KU, or elite track and field. This book is an important personal history for over 100,000 athletes who for almost a century through the Kansas Relays saw the very best that our school and our sport have to offer.”
Tim Weaver, KU Relays meet director, 2000-2006  “Joe takes us back and reminds me of the impact this great event has had on track and field both nationally and internationally. Growing up in Kansas, I can remember the fantastic stories my dad and his friend told about the Relays! Joe brings all the moments back in vivid overwhelming color!”
Tom Hays, KU vertical jumps coach, 2004-present “With this book, Joe has given all of us another prized posses­sion. This wonderful book captures the history, tradition and memories of 86 years of the Kansas Relays at Memorial Stadium.”
Scott Huffman, KU alum and Olympic pole vaulter
“The activities and personalities of the Kansas Relays have been an integral part of my track and field career for over 50 years. The Kansas Relays: Track and Field Tradition in the Heartland is a must read for every one involved in our great sport.”
Coach Joe Vigil, Olympic Distance Coach, 1988, 2008; National and International Clinician  “Joe captures many special moments in this book. It was an exciting time whether freezing cold or sunshine, truly a great event. Readers may be surprised at the number of quality athletes whose marks and stories are inside Joe’s book.”
Pinkie Suggs, Kansas State alumna, 12-time KU Relays discus and shot put champion   "When I vaulted, the Kansas Relays was always my favorite meet of the year! I have so many great memories from those Relays. It is wonderful that the history of this amazing event is being put in to print!"
Joe Dial, 3-time Relays Most Outstanding Performer
"The Kansas Relays played a big part in my development as an athlete. This book provides an excellent opportunity to learn about the history of the Kansas Relays and its traditions." 
Leo Manzano, 2-time 800m high school champ at KU Relays, 2012 Olympic silver medalist in 1500m “The Kansas Relays jump-started my professional career in 2003 ... No matter how far I may go or how many championships or Olympic medals I may win, I will always remember where it began, and that’s why I love coming to the Kansas Relays. The Kansas Relays is a great book. I’m impressed with the research and the way Joe has presented the information in an exciting way.”
Bershawn “Batman” Jackson 2008 Olympic bronze medalist, 7-time Relays 440 hurdle champ "The Kansas Relays is an enduring perennial spring-time bloom in the otherwise shrinking track and field landscape. I'm grateful that such a tradition still exists in the sport that I love and that with Joe’s book we all still have the opportunity to experience a taste of how track and field was in the past and could potentially be in the United States."
Amy Acuff, 5-time U.S. Olympian in the high jump


Mat With Only One t

By Jeff Thomas

Illustrated by Andrea Alemanno

ISBN-13: 978-1-63177-596-3

PRICE: $14.95 

GENRE: Children's 



Even an angel can struggle to find her way.

When Ahva decides to stop growling at herself and leaves her home inside a cacao pod, there’s only one thing she wants to do: share chocolate with the world. It’s a risky adventure and she’ll have to face the biting saw of Serracho, who is trying to destroy the beautiful rainforest! Luckily, help comes from unexpected friends and Ahva soon discovers she’s meant for something bigger than what she learned at Angel College. 


Table of Contents

Director’s Foreword, by Milan Donley
Foreword, by Scott Huffman
PrefacePart I: Tradition Chapter 1: Dr. Outland’s Dream Fulfilled: The Tradition Begins
Chapter 2: ‘Asking Guests to One’s Home': The Tradition Grows Chapter 3: The Young Guns: Establishing a High School Legacy Part II: Moments Chapter 4: A Footrace from Kansas City to Lawrence: Inviting the Tarahumara, 1927 Chapter 5: The Race to Four Minutes: April 17, 1954 Chapter 6: Protest and Promise: April 22, 1972  Chapter 7: Détente on the Track: Inviting the Soviets, 1983 Part III: Action Chapter 8: Like Pearls on a Necklace: Distance Runners Chapter 9: Bones, Batman, Diamond … and Other Speedsters: Sprinters and Hurdlers Chapter 10: Landing in the Sand: Horizontal Jumpers Chapter 11: Flops, Rolls, and High Fliers: Vertical Jumpers Chapter 12: The Pachyderms and Other Behemoths: Throwers Chapter 13: ‘The Greatest Athletes’: Multi-Event Stars Part IV: Innovation Chapter 14: Relays on the Ropes: Challenges to the Tradition Chapter 15: In the Gold Zone: Creating the Elite Meet Chapter 16: Party on Eighth Street: The Downtown Experiment Chapter 17: A New Home: The Move to Rock Chalk Park Appendix A: Most Outstanding Performers
Appendix B: Referees
Appendix C: Starters Appendix D: Hall of Fame
Appendix E: World Records Set
Appendix F: Year-by-Year Summaries